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15 Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha

15 Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha15 Mukhi (Face) Rudraksha – A Fifteen faced Rudraksha has 15 typical lines on its surface. It personifies Lord Pashupatinath who is incarnation of Lord Shiva. This incarnation of Lord Shiva is said to control the animal instincts of the wearer thereby making him a sober and better human being. This Rudraksha bead helps the wearer to channelize his thoughts in a correct direction and remain focused. This Rudraksha enhances the Premonition Power and the 6th Sense of the Wearer due to which he is able to make precise decisions and step forward towards right direction in life. A 15 Mukhi Rudraksha has all the virtues and powers of 14 Mukhi Rudraksha and hence the wearer is able to achieve opulent Economic and Spiritual Progress.

Ruling Deity Lord Pashupati
Beej Mantra Om Namaha Shivaya
Size of Bead 13 – 15 mm approx.
Positive Effects
( Benefits )
  • A Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha is very good for promoting intuitive powers as well as abstract and lateral thinking.

  • A wearer of Fifteen Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed with everlasting Wealth and Prosperity.

  • This Rudraksha is extremely helpful to deal with Supernatural problems and it also provides Protection from Evil Spirits as well.

  • The wearer of this Rudraksha lives a more Happier, Healthier and Wealthier Life by the blessings of Lord Pashupatinath who is the ruling deity of this Rudraksha.

  • A wearer of 15 Mukhi Rudraksha is able to control his thoughts and act accordingly. He is also gifted with abstract and lateral thinking, which helps him to deal sensibly and cleverly even in crucial circumstances.

  • It develops the Intuitive powers of a person to such an extent that at times, he is able to judge beforehand and takes right actions on right time.

  • The energy levels of the wearer are increased extraordinarily thereby enabling him to grow at both the physical as well as spiritual levels.

  • The wearer of this Rudraksha is never confronted by any kind of shortage of Luxuries & Comforts.

  • This Rudraksha also shields a person from Evil Eye, Evil Energies and Negativity of all kinds including Negative Powers beyond comprehension.

  • As per Ancient Vedic Texts, this Rudraksha is also very potential for a safe and trouble free child birth and prevents miscarriages as well.

Powers of 15 Mukhi Rudraksha

A 15 Mukhi Rudraksha has all the virtues and powers of 14 Mukhi Rudraksha and as a reward, it is also said to be a very powerful Rudraksha to bless the wearer with immense Wealth. A few Ancient Vedic Texts connect this Rudraksha with planet Rahu due to which it is said to be very helpful in conditions when planet Rahu is badly placed in a person’s horoscope or it is in conjunction with good planets or if there is an adverse transit of planet Rahu.

Who should wear this Rudraksha

A 15 Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn by Businessmen and all other people who want to develop spiritual enhancement, lateral thinking power so that they can face the adverse situations in a judgmental way. This Rudraksha promotes spiritual as well as material development of a person.

Diseases cured by 15 mukhi Rudraksha

As per Ancient Vedic Scripts, this Rudraksha is remedial in Skin related disorders as well as problems of Child Birth. It also reinforces the Body Chakras thereby resulting in a better well being of the wearer.

How to Wear a 15 Mukhi Rudraksha

A 15 Mukhi Rudraksha can be worn around the neck or alternately as a Bracelet or can be kept in the place of worship.

Puja of Rudraksha

Please note that all the Rudrakshas are already fortified with energy as per ancient Hindu Rituals (A Pran Pratishtha Puja is performed by our scholar Guruji) before being sent to the clients

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